Microgaming Software

Some things exist in our life merely to make them much better. One of the things that profoundly leverages the quality of our days and nights is a software that once it runs – we can enjoy doing the things that we love most. Top rated software that has improved the lives of many players in recent times is the Microgaming software. The Microgaming software is so fantastic since it supports best and most favoured casinos and casino games people love and play all the time. Microgaming allows gamers to enjoy playing the best slots they so deeply love, and choose if they prefer to do so via their mobile devices or home PCs. Now it is time for you to know what you can enjoy from and how exactly to do it!

Microgaming Viper software

Microgaming, as a company, was founded in 1994. It released the Viper software in 2002 in order to let you enjoy much more! Basically, VIPER is the newest version of the Microgaming casino software which enables you to play the best games existing out there.  Among others, one of the major advantages you will enjoy from while using the Microgaming Viper, is the ability to play A LOT of slots games, which will simply not be available or supported by a different software. Viper also provides a very high level of satisfaction when it comes to all the other casino games available either online or via mobile. It virtually lets you enjoy a much better experience, no matter what you choose to play.

Microgaming software download

Yes, you can definitely download this software and use all its advantages. The Microgaming download (or VIPER, if you prefer) is available in 13 different languages (including Dutch) and it offers many great features that make the usage experience very comfortable for anyone. Once you start using the VIPER you can feel the many advantages it is dedicated to give you, such as best graphics used by casino supporting software, and the ability to play multi player software on top rated games such as Aces and Faces, Tomb Rater, 3 Card Poker and so on…

In addition to that, once you start using the VIPER, you get to enjoy other great features such as a much higher gaming resolution than you have previously enjoyed with a better picture quality and much faster games. Gambling features like the AUTO PLAY, novel strategies and the EXPERT mode will also start to be an integral part of your gaming experience. The whole navigation around your casino will be more pleasant and trouble free experience, with some very clear descriptions of the different casino games you will start playing. Last but not least on your novel features list, you get to enjoy much better sound options than ever before, so you can enjoy at your casino much more!

Wait, what is the Expert Mode?

Well, as previously stated the EXPERT MODE is one of the most fundamental and rewarding benefits existing in the new VIPER software Microgaming offers you. The EXPERT MODE lets you analyze your game on a much higher and better level, so you get to enjoy a much smarter and rewarding game all day long. This mode will also let you define different game strategies and receive different hints as you play. The EXPERT MODE is available on the vast majority of casino games you will use, such as the slots, blackjack, roulette, poker games and so on! So simply download this software, start playing, press EXPERT and start checking out all of your options!  

Which Casinos are supported by the Program?

You wouldn’t even believe! First of all, you will probably like to know that the Microgaming software is used by more than 50 different casinos worldwide. In addition to that, merely by using the software, you open the door to a whole new world of bonuses such as the 100% match up bonus supplied for a $50 deposit. Now, when it comes to casinos (you are probably going to recognize some on the list), All Slots, Royal Vegas and Spin Palace are just a few of the many that use VIPER. Additional casinos are: Platinum Play, Royal Panda, Wild Jack, Ruby Fortune, and many others! You can choose so many casinos to play at, and the most fundamental experience that comes with the software will still be yours!

What else should I know when considering Microgaming Viper software?

Well, since once you choose a specific casino (or multiple casinos) to play at, you usually tend to stay there, get advanced with many great VIP clubs and constant promotions (both weekly and monthly promotions), you often times become a constant player at your favourite casino.  Therefore, it is very important to know the software you are using is safe, reputable and good. The good news, on that matter, is that VIPER is not only known as a wonderful software (any web check can give you this information in a matter of seconds), but it is also used by the top casinos available online (and mobile).