Thunderstruck 2 Online Pokies – Win 2. 4 MILLION Credits TODAY!

How much do you enjoy winning credits, and a lot of them? What do you think about having the most unique rewards you will simply not find in any other game? Do you want to play the most fascinating game with the best graphics you will ever find? And what about the overall experience, the background sounds, the atmosphere, the benefits, the gambling features? If you are looking for the most rewarding game, which will give you at least 243 different ways to win, up to 25 FREE SPINS and the ability to win up to 2. 4 MILLIOM credits right away – join us now!

The Microgaming casinos industry is proud to present you Thunderstruck 2 Online Pokies which is surely known for having it all! Start playing and enjoy all the benefits at once right away!

Your Ways to Winning this Game Have Never Been SO Thrilling
It is only up to you to choose the most rewarding and exciting game, so you better choose wisely. Once you start playing this online casino pokies game you let yourself enjoy profoundly with the benefits that will quickly make your whole gaming atmosphere change in no time! The more you win one of our most prominent benefits, the more profound the shift in the game gets, and the more excitement you experience over here. But before you get to know the specific change in the game which will make your experience be like no other, you want to know how to achieve it… and the way to do so is to use the incredible symbol called Scatter!

SCATTER – At Your Service!

Scatter is a very unique symbol, and most importantly a very powerful one. With the presence of three, four and even five Scatters on your reels you get a pass ticket to the mode called THE GREAT HALL OF SPINS which will grant you with FREE SPINS right away! What are those FREE SPINS, and why are they so important?

The truth is that once you start playing the FREE SPINS you are not required to deposit even one single credit. The reels will keep on spinning for you, and you will be able to keep on playing this game for free. In addition to that, while you play the FREE SPINS, you are still capable of winning more credits, which means the amount of credits in your payline can only increase but surely cannot decrease at this period of time.

The Scatter symbol is very hard to miss, since it has a very noticeable title written on it – BONUS! You will surely not miss this one! Additionally, before your FREE SPINS even start, you can already win additional credits once Scatter is on your reels. Even if two Scatter symbols appear on your reels you are automatically granted with one credit, despite the fact the GREAT HALL OF SPINS is not a part of the picture.

Three Scatter symbols, in addition to letting you get into the HALL, will grant you with 2 credits and four Scatters will let you enjoy both an entrance to the HALL and 20 credits immediately. Last but not least, once you receive five Scatter symbols, appearing on all five reels, besides the immediate pathway leading to the HALL, you are benefited with no less than 200 credits!  


The most exciting moment is now yours and you are about to enter the GREAT HALL OF SPINS! Over here you will be able to enjoy different gaming methods, different amounts of FREE SPINS granted to you as well as changing rewards which will surprise you and make your gamble so THRILLING! Ready? Set… Go!


The first time you enter the HALL, you get to be welcomed by VALKYRIE. VALKYRIE, as a matter of fact, is your first gaming mode, and it grants you with no less than 10 FREE SPINS immediately. This nice looking woman will not only let you have fun with this benefit, but will also grant you with a 5X multiplier, which means that once Syour FREE SPINS are over, all the credits you just won are multiplied by 5 and you receive the multiplied amount at your payline!


The fascinating thing about this online casino pokies game is that the more times you get to spin the reels for free, the more exciting your methods to do it get! For example, the first four times you entered the HALL, you were welcomed by VALKYRIE, but at your fifth time, it is LOKI that is benefiting you with its unique rewards! So, what can LOKI do for you? First of all, it can give you, on the spot, 15 FREE SPINS!

Moreover, during those FREE SPINS you can be rewarded with a WILD MAGIC symbol which can randomly transform other symbols on the reels into additional substitutes and grant you with further winnings! The FREE SPINS can be retriggered during the LOKI mode, by 2, 3, 4, and 5 Scatter symbols which will be worth 1, 2, 3, and 4 FREE SPINS respectively!


At your 10 th time at the HALL, ODIN is there to say hello, and it surely does, with 20 FREE SPINS + the magnificent WILD RAVEN FEATURE. This feature is capable of turning symbols into 2X and 3X multipliers, as well as 6X multiplier, which will substantially increase the number of credits you end up with at the end of the round.


Thought you already had it all? The truth is – not at all! Once you get into the GREAT HALL OF SPINS for the 15 th time you get to enjoy some really great rewards, since THOR is here and is ready to supply you everything you could ever dream of! Get ready to enjoy no less than 25 FREE SPINS as well as a unique feature called THE ROLLING REELS!

You will be very glad to discover you can now have fun with increasing multipliers each time you win consequent spins, from 2X and 3X multipliers all the way up to 4X and 5X!

Let Imagination Run Wild with the Wild Benefit

The WILD benefit is definitely something you should know all about! This symbol has the power to grant you with additional winnings since it can serve as a substitute to all other symbols on the reels (besides Scatter) and thus can appear next to”two of a kind”, replace the missing symbol and create a three of a kind! Relevant payouts will be yours immediately, and the very same rule applies to four and five of a kind! So don’t wait any longer and join us now!